• Denise A Olson

3 Tips To Fuel Properly For Your Workouts

We’ve all had those days; the ones where you feel “off” while you’re working out and everything seems harder than usual. Chances are, your nutrition has a lot to do with this. We know nutrition is the foundation of fitness; so it makes sense that if we aren’t putting optimal fuel into the tank, we are going to get sub-optimal output. Let's talk about how you can fuel properly for your workouts.

  1. Adequate hydration. Aim to drink at least 80 ounces of water each day. Dehydration can account for up to a 20% decrease in performance. This means that if your Triple 3 PR is 42 minutes-by retesting in a dehydrated state, you could easily add 8:24 to your time. YIKES.

  2. Eat something before you workout! Working out on an empty stomach is not a set-up for success. For one, you’re operating with no fuel in the tank! Secondly, you’ll likely have more muscle breakdown during the workout. Aim to have some protein and carbohydrates prior to your workout. Here are some ideas:

  3. ⅓ whey protein shake + applesauce pouch

  4. Fuel For Fire

  5. Greek yogurt + berries

  6. Part of a smoothie

  7. Rice cake + turkey slices

  8. Protein pancake

  9. Get your post workout nutrition in! We’re talking more protein and carbohydrates. This is when recovery begins. Looking for a combination that will really support your fitness? Enjoy your post workout protein and carbs while you mobilize! Here are some ideas for post workout nutrition:

  10. Remainder of whey protein shake + applesauce pouch or piece of fruit

  11. Fuel for Fire

  12. Whey Protein Shake + Fit Aid

  13. Grilled chicken + sweet potato

  14. Greek yogurt + berries

You’re working hard in the gym, so be sure to fuel properly and get the most out of each workout!

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