• Rob Olson

3 Tips to Help Improve Your Squat!

Since January 2020 is all about working in our squats, I decided to put together a few quick tips to help!

The Squat is one of (if not the most) functional movements we do in CrossFit, here are the major points of performance:

- Back is neutral, lumbar curve is maintained throughout the movement

- Feet are flat, ensure that the heels stay down

- Knees track out over the toes, staying in line with them

- Hips break parallel to achieve proper depth

There are plenty of other things we look for as a coach, and there are many ways/cues to help create a better squat.

Here are my Top 3 Tips/Cues:

  1. Initiate the Squat by squeezing the butt, then sending the hips back. This will not only help activate the glutes when squatting, but it helps many athletes stay flat on their feet. If you know that you come forward onto your toes during a squat, this can be a simple and helpful tip.

  2. Spread the floor with your feet! You are literally trying to rip the ground beneath you in half, this can help quite a bit if your ankles are beginning to cave in at the bottom of your squat. This also helps to keep your glutes/hamstrings active during the entire duration of the squat and keep the knees from caving.

  3. Drive the hips up and forward. If you find that coming out of the squat your chest is staying down while the hips swing out (almost like a Barbell Good Morning), driving the hips forward will help to keep you more upright while coming out of it.

That’s all for now on Squats, keep crushing January and get ready for that 1 Rep max on the 31st!

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