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3 Tips to help with Overhead Squats

Since we are doing some Overhead Squats in the coming weeks at ResoluteFIT, it seems appropriate to send out some simple, yet effective, tips for the move!

#1 Eyes on the horizon. Shifting your eyes up or down can cause your entire body to move into a different position. Keeping your eyes fixated on one position will help with balance and control with the Overhead Squat!

#2 Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Bouncing around in the Overhead Squat can cause the barbell to go crazy when overhead and you may lose your balance. Have a smooth and controlled descent and ascent during each lift.

#3 WARM-UP! Seems too easy right? It can be, but is often glossed over. The Overhead Squat specifically benefits from great movement patterns and body position. To help you reach that point, a great warmup is key. Make sure you are taking the time to address any tight areas of the body and getting plenty of lighter reps in with great technique.

Try following these tips and seeing how things go!

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