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4 Tips to Improve Your Push Press

4 Tips to Improve Push Press

Push Press as a movement is a simple concept, with a complex execution. That being said here are some tips to help improve it!

#1) Timing

The Push Press benefits from rapid extension from the hips, which in turn create upward force into the barbell. If you time it perfectly you get the maximum amount of power out of the hips, but delaying or being impatient can hurt that power. One of the best ways to become aware or assist in that timing is grabbing a PVC and really focusing on that extension before the press!

#2) Flat Feet

During the dip portion of the Push Press it can be easy to fall forward onto the toes, so to counteract that try wiggling the toes right before you begin!

#3) Shoulder Activation

This movement can’t be all legs; we need those shoulders to finish the job! Right after the extension think about punching the ceiling and driving through the barbell with the hands

#4) Posture

The way you stand and proceed with the Push Press can dictate the path of the bar and how efficient the movement is. You want that torso to remain straight up and down throughout the entire movement. Try going back to the PVC and using that to find good posture OR stand with your back against the wall and use it to guide you down into a good position.

Good luck and crush those Push Presses!

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