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5 Shelter-In-Place Tips

With pretty much all of CT sheltering-in-place from COVID-19, many of our worlds have been tossed upside-down.

We are now:

Working from home

Homeschooling kids

Working out at home

Trying to maintain friendships & relationships from a distance

Here are my top 5 tips, in no particular order, to survive sheltering-in-place.

1. Create a Schedule!

Ok, I lied, this needs to be the most important thing you do. Humans thrive on routine. Everyone needs it. But now that we are home all day ... it is literally up to you when you do things. No 8:30am meeting. No school bus pickup. No 6am gym class. The entire day is yours to pick and choose what you do. Sounds great ... but it really creates more challenges than not.

I wrote an entire blog on creating a new schedule, so I won't repeat it here. Click HERE to read that one.

What I will say here, is that I try to mimic my "old life" as much as I can. I still wake up at 5:15am, I still "go to work" (the basement) at 7:45am. I'll come up for lunch from 12-1, but then I'm back downstairs until 5:15pm.

Everyone has unique challenges and circumstances, so some things may or may not be possible and you may have to get creative, but in the end, WRITE DOWN A SCHEDULE, for all 7 days of the week.

2. Manage your nutrition!

Being home all day within reach of the pantry is dangerous. Snack time? 9:47am? Sure, why not! Need to get away from the computer screen at 3:23pm? Might as well have a snack! Right? NO!

Oh man this is dangerous.

We could go down a rabbit hole with what "proper nutrition" means, but for the sake of this blog, lets leave it at this:

Real food. Not processed.

Balanced meals - protein, healthy fat, some carbs.

Smart snacks, balanced, once or twice a day.

Limit alcohol consumption.

Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to commit to healthy nutrition.

3. Find social outlets

Everybody is at home. Gyms, bars and restaurants are shut down. The need for social interaction is real.

Zoom is a free web video service. Download the app and you can connect with 1 or more friends.

CrossFit Simsbury is hosting "Zoom WODs" so class members can see each other.

Do you normally do a Friday Happy Hour? Try it on Zoom!

4. Maintain your fitness routine!

My wife Denise and I both fully understand that if we don't work out, we are in worse moods. Its a fact. Being "trapped" in a house all day is not a good time to be in a bad mood.

Take care of yourself. Go for a run. Do a home wod. Do something.

It does not have to be fancy, you do not have to own a lot of fitness equipment. Movement is medicine. Let go of any preconceived notions of "losing fitness" or "not getting gains". Fitness is what you make it. The gains are out there for you to get. If you need help, ask a coach, we are here to help!

5. Maintain Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the best cure-alls. Want a better immune system? Sleep more. Want to be better at fitness? Sleep more. Want less wrinkles? Sleep more. The list goes on and on. But when it comes to being stuck in home, many are binging on Netflix, movies, and videogames, and staying up later, and later.

Just like point #1 - create a schedule for your day - you should create a schedule for your sleep. Your body has its own "schedule" called the circadian rhythm. It LOVES it when you go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day.

If you want to read some science, click HERE, and HERE

I go to bed at roughly 9pm every night and wake up at 5:15am, 7 days a week. The old myth of "catching up on sleep" on the weekends is false, and actually does worse things by skewing your circadian rhythm.

When we entered into "sheltering at home" we thought it might last two weeks. Well, now it looks like it will be 2 months. This is not something you can just grunt your way through. Be smart, look for ways to succeed, and make the most of your time. After this is all over, there will be a big disparity between those who took advantage of the time at home, and those who let it take advantage of them. Be proactive, not reactive.

If you need help, let a Coach know, we are here to help!

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