5 Tips for Crushing Front Squats

By Coach Nick

#1 Create a strong shelf for your barbell!

-Hands should be just outside the shoulders and you want to have a strong, proud upper back. This creates a great foundation for the barbell to sit on. If you ever feel like you are rounding forward or caving, you could grab a band and hit some banded pull-aparts to help strengthen the scaps and back!

#2 Eyes Up (or forward)

-This is great advice for a ton of lifts, but especially the Front Squat. If you keep your eyes up, your body will naturally stay more upright. Look down and you will probably have your chest fall forward. This can be one of the simplest, yet most effective fixes for Squatting!

#3 Lead with the elbows

-After going into the Squat I always try to come out of it with my elbows first. This prevents them from dropping down and putting me in a less than ideal position. High elbows will make the barbell really sit on the shoulders, which is a much stronger and safer position for it.

#4 Brace that core!

-In a Front Squat, the barbell wants to come forward and by keeping the core engaged and tight it will stop it from collapsing in and pitching you forward during a Squat! Take a deep gulp of air and imagine someone is about to punch you to really get the desired engagement we are looking for!

#5 Mobility, mobility, mobility…

-The Front Rack position can be tough and stretching the forearms/wrists, triceps and Lats (amongst many other things) will help you get into a quality position to start your lift with. I recommend rolling the barbell on your forearms or placing your hands on the ground (fingers pointed at legs) and gently sitting back. For the triceps, grab a band or lacrosse ball and for the Lats hit up that foam roller!

-Happy Lifting :)

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