• Rob Olson

Are You Willing To Fail?

"We fail at the margins of our experiences"

This statement popped into my head shortly after my grandma asked if we were going to have air conditioning in the new building. Bear with me a minute as I explain.

The premise makes sense. Long time gym moves from very old building to much newer and refurbished building, complete with high-end equipment, sauna, bathrooms and showers ... air conditioning just seems to fit.

But there is a big reason why I always say no to AC in a gym setting.

We fail at the margins of our experience.

If you exercise in a 68 degree room with controlled humidity, how productive will you be as a human when its 92 and humid?

Life goes on in all kinds of weather, especially here in New England.

Sure, working out in 92 and humid is hard. No doubt. You may move slower than if it was 68 or even take some breaks mid-workout. It's all good though because you are doing it at the margins of your experience. It never will be perfect outside your comfort zone.

The key lies in that if you learn how to move and manage in the heat for the workout, doing so in a non-workout manner is less of a big deal. Maybe now that landscaping you've been putting off gets done. Or agreeing to help your neighbor with moving some things.

So when the hot weather comes, what do you do?

The above example about air conditioning and hot weather is just an example of choosing hard things and being willing to fail. Hardship comes in all shapes and forms, and what we do here at ResoluteFIT is more than fitness.

What we really do is train, mentally and physically, to overcome our fear of failure and hardship.

Hardship can mean working out in 92 degree weather, or it can mean opting for that heavier kettlebell, or doing 7 laps of running instead of your usual 5. It can also mean cooking some chicken and rice for dinner when you'd rather just pick up a pizza. Or it could mean waking up at 4:15am to make the 4:45am class because you have a busy day.

It could also be willing to get uncomfortable and ask your boss for a raise. Or to quit your job and do something you truly love. Or asking that person out that you've been too nervous to do so far.

In order to get the most out of life, you need to be willing to fail. You need to find the small victories by pushing back against the perpetual slide into comfort and easy and always recognize the bright spots.

Comfort and ease is nice for a day, or a week for vacation, but over the long term, it breeds complacency and is extremely unfulfilling.

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Remember, Coaches are here for more than leading classes. What we technically offer are "Goal Setting Sessions", but often they look more like life coaching and therapy. We are happy to troubleshoot your schedule and find ways for you to get to the 6am class, or navigate a travel scenario in order to keep eating clean, or how to get your first strict pullup.

Nobody is saying we have an easy answer, often there is none, and if we've learned anything from this short blog, we don't want easy. Easy is not fulfilling. We'll help you find the answer, but it will probably be hard, and that's a good thing. If you aren't afraid even just a little bit, your goal is not big enough.

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