• Rob Olson

Beyond Fitness: Goal Set Your Life With The 6 F's

Have you ever seen that person or family that just seems like they have their life together, they're seemingly crushing everything, and just genuinely happy and content?

They don't get there by chance.

They created that life. They set goals for what they wanted to achieve, and they worked towards those goals for probably a good amount of time. It's consistent hard work and being mindful of what you want.

This is in contrast to how most people live - day by day, just getting by, worrying about the stresses of that particular day and that day alone.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Similar to how in the gym somebody may set a goal of losing 30lbs by June or perhaps back squatting 200lbs by 2021, you can set goals for the other areas of your life and get incredible results with the 6 F's.

Below you'll discover the other areas of which you can focus, set goals for, and help you live the life you have been dreaming of!


We are all familiar with this one. What is "health" to you? What is "fitness" to you? Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Workout 5 days a week? Keep up with your kids? Run a marathon? What is "health" and why is it important to you?

What fitness goals will you set for yourself in 2021?


How much do you want to make this year? How will you achieve it if it is an increase over your current pay? Will you pay off debt? Will you increase your retirement savings? Will you invest in your home with an upgrade?

What finance goals will you set for yourself in 2021?


For some this can be about going to church, but it is more of a spiritual concept. How will you show gratitude? Love? Self-talk? Do you want to volunteer? What makes you happy?

What faith goals will you set for yourself in 2021?


How do you use your time? Do you have 2 days off a week? Do you protect your off time and put the work email away? Do you want 3 days off? If so, how can you get it? What will you do with that extra day off?

What freedom goals will you set for yourself in 2021?


How many vacations will you go on this year? How many dates with your significant other this month? Or special days with each of your kids?

What family goals will you set for yourself in 2021?


This is about your legacy. Do you have a will? Do you have life insurance? If you have investments, are they set up to go to the right people with your estate plan? When do you want to retire? What will you do or where will you go? Are you happy in your job or do you want to change?

What future goals will you set for yourself in 2021?

For many folks in America, life is busy. So busy that we fail to plan or take action for the things we really want. We all realize 2020 was crazy, so how are you going to take control in 2021? I want to go on a weekly date with my wife - could be a dinner date, or yoga, or even just a walk. But I want to prioritize it because it did not get the attention it should have in 2020. So now we are blocking time in the calendar and taking action by getting babysitters to make it happen. We are doing this for all 6 F's. Setting big goals. Setting micro-goals. 2021 is going to be a great year. Take some time away from work and the busy day-to-day activities and really think about what you want from the 6 F's. Then write them down and put it in a place you see it everyday! Be amazed at the progress you make over the long term towards the life you want to live!

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