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Don't Go Alone

^ Pre-COVID Group Class getting a workout brief by Coach Nick

Why Group Fitness? Why Coaches?

Picture this: The Tour de France. Cycling. The Alps. Some of the best athletes in the world. Now imagine the days race consists of climbing a huge hill. Who would make it to the top first: a single cyclist, or a team of three cyclists working together?

The single cyclist has everything to fight against: the hill, the wind, the lactic acid ... there's no rest.

The team however, they have the hill, and the lactic acid, but only one of them deals with the wind at a time. The one in front. The others get the benefit of drafting behind the teammate in front, reducing wind exposure, and increasing efficiency by up to 30%. The team can rotate through who is in front, ensuring each cyclist has a time to lead, and a time to conserve and recharge. The team almost always beats the single cyclist.

Likewise, when I was in the Navy SEALs, do you know what we called ourselves? If someone asked (and we wanted to give them the truth), we would say we were in "The Teams".

The Team will always be greater than the sum of its parts.

ResoluteFIT is no different. Gyms on average have 18% attendance on any given day. We have over 70%. It is the collective community as a whole that continues to push forward, to challenge themselves, and to reap the rewards.

Some days you may be the lead cyclist, helping inspire and encourage others to follow you.

Other days you may be in the back, being pulled and pushed by the lead athlete.

The key point: You are always moving forward. The Team is always moving forward. Moving towards a collective goal of health, wellness, and fitness.

The Coach is also an integral part to the Team dynamic. With a birds eye view of the entire team, and able to zoom in and help specific athletes at a time, the Coach maintains the strategic advantage. The Coach ensures the Team is moving towards its collective goal. The Coach also helps individual athletes with specific micro-goals and tasks, increasing the skill and capacity of each individual, therefore increasing the Teams capabilities.

The Team is where the magic happens.

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