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Fitness During Coronavirus

Clear communication is paramount in times of uncertainty. As of now, March 14, 2020, CrossFit Simsbury remains open. We are following recommendations from the CDC, WHO, State and Local Officials.

Here are our current guidelines:

- If you are sick, even a little bit, stay home! (Kids too ... do not bring sick kids to the lobby)

- Wash your hands upon entering the gym (soap, water, 30 seconds)

- Clorox wipe any equipment you use after you are done

- Wash your hands before leaving

- Enter workout score via your phone if desired (not kiosk. mobile login has been enabled)

- Continue healthy habits: workout, eat healthy, sleep 7-9 hours, reduce stress where able. The better you take care of yourself now, the better off you will be against any future pathogen.

- We have always believed in operating a clean and neat gym, but staff are now engaged in "extra" cleanings of wiping gear down and mopping with disinfectant between shifts.

- Our goal is to continue to operate a community which inspires and instills health and happiness. We are taking every precaution we can while still remaining calm and operating a normal class schedule.

First, let's keep in mind why we train. Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit, created the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum to showcase the "why" behind fitness. You can see on the left, sickness, has significantly greater likelihood of developing disease and illness. Those on the right, toward "fitness", build up a buffer to resist illness. What we are seeing with COVID-19 is that it primarily affects those with health complications and elderly. Already healthy individuals have little threat from this virus, with symptoms no more than a common cold. This is part of the why we do fitness, in addition to it feeling good and having fun. As we do not know how long this situation will go on for (days? weeks? months?), we must plan accordingly for the future, as best we can at the moment.

Keep in mind, as this situation seems to develop more hour by hour, and day by day, here are your current training options, written as of March 14, 2020:

1) Continue to come to class at CrossFit Simsbury. Hand washing before and after, all the clorox wipes, and air fist bumps, we are taking steps to make class as safe as possible.

2) Come to Open Gym at CrossFit Simsbury. Want a little more social distancing but still want to workout at the gym? Come to CFS and workout in the back room, or in the main room during non-class times. Wipe down all equipment before and after, stay away from people, and enjoy a workout! Coaches will be more present during Open Gym if you have any questions about the wod.

3) Starting Monday, March 16, we will program a "At-Home" Daily WOD, which can be done with just bodyweight exercises. There will still be the normal scaling levels, and we encourage your to log your score!

4) Starting Monday March 16, you can have a Coach program workouts for you to do at home. Whether its self-quarantine or social distancing, we are here for you. You signed up at CrossFit Simsbury to be coached to your fitness goals, and we will deliver on that. These will not be generic "100 Air Squats for time" home workouts, they will be specific workouts, designed FOR YOU, by a Coach that KNOWS you and your goals. We will hold you accountable, and expect to hear reports about how the workout went, what your time was, how you felt, and more.

Nobody knows for sure how long this will go for, or how severe it will get. Stay tuned for updated communication with us, and if you would like to workout from home, shoot us an email! frontdesk@cfsimsbury.com

We thank you for trusting us with your health and wellness, and as a small business with many staff that depend on us for their payroll, your support means the world to all of us. Our goal is to remain open, with a variety of options for you to get your stress relief in. Any questions comments or concerns, please email us!

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