• Rob Olson

Fitness, Family, and Friends: Your Circle And It's Impact

You've probably heard the saying

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

When it comes to health and fitness, does that ring true?

Who are the five people you spend the most time with? Do they believe in the fitness lifestyle? Do they take part in fitness themselves and do they support you in your goals? Do they try to improve their own health?

Or do some of the five people not believe in fitness? Do they give you a hard time about the time or money investment? Worse, do they constantly try to sabotage your progress?

There's a reason micro-gyms are often called "communities".

We like to stick together. We like to spend time with other people who share our mindset and beliefs about health, fitness, and nutrition. We especially like to spend time with others who encourage and support us. Growth-minded individuals are empowering and inspiring to be around. It challenges each and every one of us to be better.

Changing habits is hard enough when adopting a new fitness lifestyle when you have supportive friends and family. Changing habits is even harder when those five people around you don't support you and actually try to pull you back down.

This blog is to bring awareness to that fact.

Be aware of the five people you spend the most time with.

Do they encourage, support, and inspire you?

Or do they dismiss, discourage, and attempt to bring you down?

If it's the former, give them a sincere "thank you" and tell them why you appreciate them.

If it's the latter, you need to have a hard and honest conversation with them. Stand up for yourself, your goals, and your belief in your future self. Circles of influence change over time, and it's up to you to control who you let in. Your life is just that - yours. Be ruthless in protecting your space, your herd, and your mindset.

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