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Fuel Your Performance the Right Whey!

Ever wonder what you should eat before, during, and/or even after a competition or race? Do you think about how you might be able to perform better or gain more energy for everyday workouts?

While different sports, races and competitions will have slightly different demands, one thing remains the same - it all starts with filling up on the best fuel available - WHOLE FOODS!

Creating and maintaining a regular eating schedule of balanced meals and snacks, focused on whole foods, is the best way to set yourself up for metabolic success.

On the day of your event, stick to what works for you. Figure this out during your everyday training/workouts and stick to it, you don't want to try new things when it's time to perform and risk having an adverse effect. Also, don't buy in to the old idea of needing to "carb load" ahead of time - your body needs time to process, uptake and store glucose.

Keys for for game day success:

  1. Eat quality foods

  2. Consume balanced meals and snacks

  3. Hydrate - Dehydration can decrease performance by up to 20%

  4. Limit/avoid alcohol before your big day

  5. Get a good night's sleep

For big events and everyday workouts, you need to make sure you have enough energy to perform and the right ingredients to recover.

Within 1 - 1.5 hours of a workout, make sure to consume protein and carbs for immediate fuel and sustained energy. Choose liquids over solids, especially if you struggle with working out with food in your stomach.

For extended workouts (2+ hours) an easily digestible or liquid carb source is recommended to help keep you going.

Post-workout? More protein and carbs within 30 - 60 minutes of working out!

For pre and post workout nutrition, you'll notice there should be little to no fat since it slows digestion.

Ok great, but what should I eat?

Pre-workout combos:

  • Whey protein and fruit (banana, apple, fruit puree or applesauce) or oatmeal

  • Fuel for Fire - Great combo especially right before the early morning sessions

  • 0% fat greek yogurt and fruit

  • Deli turkey and rice cakes

Post workout combos:

  • Whey protein plus:

  • Fruit;

  • FitAid or;

  • Coconut water

If you have questions or are looking for further support, we're here to help! BOOK A FREE INTRO!

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