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Get The BEST Results - Beat The Time Cap!

Workouts have many styles.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible in a certain time frame)

EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute)

Rounds For Time

Rounds Not For Time


... are the most common formats

Some formats come with time caps. Meaning, we want everyone to finish the workout under a certain time. Do you know why?

It preserves the stimulus.

It forces athletes to pick appropriate weights and movements in order to do what the Coach wants.

More often than not, a workout that has a time cap means the Coach wants people to go fast.

If an athlete picks a weight or movement that is too heavy or challenging, that makes them slow down. If they slow down too much, they lose intensity.

Intensity is the primary driver in seeing results.

For those that like math and science, you can prove this mathematically.

Power = (Work) / (Time)

The longer something takes, given the same amount of work, the less power is applied. With a quick Google search you can find dozens of articles that go deep into the math of fitness.

So regardless of scaling or modification level, the goal should be to beat the time cap.

Now, that statement should come with a little asterisk.

Every now and then, we'll say 20% of the time, you should go outside the comfort zone and pick something a little heavier or a little more technically challenging. This is part of how our fitness improves, especially in the long term. But the time cap should still be in your mind. The goal is still to beat it, but there is a little question mark in there if you will finish in time, and that's ok.

But it needs to be emphasized, 80% of the time you should be going for speed and beating that time cap. This is intensity, and this bring results.

If you constantly go too heavy or too technical and never finish the workout before the time cap, you are diminishing your own results. You could get better results by choosing less weight or less complicated movements.

I challenge you to have one of the fastest times the next time a workout has a time cap. It doesn't matter what level you do - health, fitness, sport, or competition - the goal should be to CRUSH that time cap.

Go fast. With good form. Get results. Be happy!

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