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How Bad Do You Want It?

Everyone comes into ResoluteFIT with goals in mind.

Lose weight (10-100lbs+)

Get a pullup

Improve strength

Run a 5k

Live a fitness lifestyle

How bad do you want to achieve your goals? How important are they? And why are they important?

It is critical (and often overlooked) to establish the WHY behind your goal.

^ Coach Rob at the finish of a 50 mile race.

See the end of the blog for his WHY.

Here’s the trick. You can’t answer “why” just one time. It needs to be at least 4 layers deep. Here’s an example:

Why do you want to join ResoluteFIT?

  • To lose 30lbs

Why do you want to lose 30lbs?

  • Because that is how much I’ve gained since college

Why is it important to you to weigh how much you did in college?

  • Because I fit into clothes I liked back then

Why do you want to fit into clothes back from college?

  • Because I want my spouse to be “wow’d” when they look at me

There you have it. The real “WHY” in this example is that the spouse wants to impress their significant other with their style and looks. And this is only 4 “why’s” deep! Some psychologists say to go 7 layers deep to get to the real WHY.

Once you understand your true WHY, your devotion and energy towards that goal skyrockets.

Losing 30lbs does not have much emotion behind it and people often have a hard time achieving it.

Wanting to impress your spouse with your style and looks, that carries some emotion, and much more drive to accomplish that goal.

This goes for all goals, even strength based goals. There are almost always emotions behind the WHYs.

Now that you know your true WHY, what are you willing to do to achieve it?

Quick example:

There are 168 hours in a week.

If you come to the gym 3x/wk, that is 3 hours out of 168.

That is less than 2% of your week! Is 2% of your week reasonable to get 30lbs of weight loss / impress your spouse?

Is it reasonable to get in 4x/wk, or 5x? What about doing 3 classes a week and then adding a hike or jog once per week? Or increasing your sleep from 6hrs to 7hrs per night? Eating out 1x/wk instead of 3x?

The point of this example is that we all have the same amount of time in a week. We all prioritize what is important to us. Some work more than others, some spend more time with family than others, some hangout with friends more than others, and some do more fitness than others, that’s what makes you, you. But now think back to your goal, and your WHY (that is 5 layers deep), now ask yourself, am I putting enough effort in to achieve this goal that is important to me? Am I putting hours into something else that is not as important? Can I make a switch to put more time into what is truly meaningful to me?

Every quarter I set intentions for what I want to achieve. This helps me allocate the hours in the week to what is most important to me. I use the 6 F’s (fitness, finances, family, future, faith, and freedom) to really dial into each category. I encourage you to do the same and be mindful of what you are chasing, and WHY.

If you want to chat more about this topic, members can book a free goal setting session with a coach HERE.

Coach Rob's WHY's For Running a 50 Mile Ultramarathon

Why do you want to run a 50 mile ultramarathon?

- To continually push myself to new limits

Why do you want to push yourself to new limits?

- Because I have not found my limit yet

Why is it important to you to find your limit?

- It is not so much about me finding my limit, but showing others that we are capable of much more than we think.

Why is it important to you to show others what we are capable of?

- Because back in college, I made the decision to drop out and become a Navy SEAL. The odds of passing the training we incredibly small. Everyone that showed up there was a physical stud. But what got people to the end of training was their mentality, the can-do attitude and belief in themselves.

Why do you want to help people improve the mentality?

- So they can get more out of life. Too many people coast on autopilot and I want to empower them to live their best life!

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