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How The RF Teen Program Can Help Improve Your Soccer Player!

Soccer presents some unique challenges for athletes to not only go for extended amounts of time on the field, but to also be able to mix in fast and explosive bursts of energy with minimal recovery afterwards. Combining that with coordination and strength and you’ll find that any High School or College level athlete needs a vast array of skills to tap into.


Some examples of our ResoluteTEENS program helping with cardio, include the interval training that we mix with longer endurance WODs. These two types of workouts make for a well balanced soccer player that can go the distance but also explode into action when needed. You’ll see workouts with 4 minutes of work, followed with 1 minute of rest, repeat and repeat. You can relate that to a quick offensive attack then a fast return to midfield. The following workout could be a longer 15-20 minutes workout that builds cardiovascular abilities, meaning that you won’t be gasping for air waiting for your substitute to come in.


Looking deeper into things, soccer players need strong legs and a sturdy upper body/core to out kick and out muscle their opponents. At RF we put a heavy emphasis on “core-to-extremity”, this means that we understand that power in the body originates from the middle of our body and then moves to our legs, arms, etc. We do squats to create leg strength and build a robust core, which helps to reduce long term leg fatigue. Next are deadlifts that create strong hips and glutes, perfect for increasing kicking force and distance. Adding in shoulder presses and specific core work means that when you’re battling for the ball with someone else, you’ll have the upper hand.


Balance and coordination play a major factor in soccer. Being able to move swiftly in one direction and then changing to another can be a big differentiator. Our program focuses on functional movements, which in turn will translate to the unique movements on the playing field. Workouts may include things such as Box Jumps, Push-Ups and other gymnastics movements that build body awareness!

Injury Prevention

In general, additional workouts done outside of sports can provide a stronger overall body that can withstand the punishment of 40 plus minutes of competition on the field. Simply by doing functional movements in a controlled setting we help athletes to understand their limits and how far they can push past them without causing harm to themselves. Mix that with the points above and you have a strong, dangerous player on the field!


The final point that always needs to come across for hard-working athletes is “what are they eating?”. Most kids can just eat whatever they want and get by with average results, but there is a better way to go about it to maximize their potential. Nutrition is the foundation of health, wellness and fitness… we like to mention that as often as we can and offer in-depth one-on-one nutrition coaching for those looking to gains that extra edge of performance!

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