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How to Create Lasting Success

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Everyone that joins a gym thinks "this will be the time". This will be the time I __________ (lose the weight, get in shape, get stronger, get healthier, etc) But the fact is the majority of people that join a gym fail to see the results they wanted. Why is that?

I've owned ResoluteFIT (formerly CrossFit Simsbury) for seven years. I've seen hundreds, if not thousands of people by now, come through these doors. Who sticks around and see's lasting success? Who quits before achieving their goal and why?


Those that find lasting success and achieve their goals year after year do so because they changed their identity to match their goals.

Hear me out. Picture this: A 45 year old male joins a gym. His goal is to lose 40lbs after ignoring his diet and fitness for the last 20 years. After 20 years of a busy, prospering work life, and a growing family at home with a wife and three kids, time just flew by and he's not sure how he now weighs in at 260lbs. He does not like that he cannot keep up with his kids and he does not like how he looks. All of this was brought on by his doctor informing him at his yearly checkup that he is now classified as obese and has high blood pressure and cholesterol. So, like most do in this situation, he Googles "gyms near me" and joins one.

This is not a "our gym is better than all other gyms" blog, because people can find success in any gym or any fitness pursuit. What matters is how they identify themselves and how they identify with their chosen path. Different pursuits suit different people.

Ask a marathoner how they identify themselves, and they will respond with "a runner".

Ask a crossfitter how they identify themselves, and they will respond with "a crossfitter".

Ask a yoga teacher how they identify themselves, and they will respond with "a yogi".

All of these people with high levels of health and fitness IDENTIFY with their prospective pursuit.

What does our example 45 year old dad identify with? Work? That won't get him healthy. Being a Dad? That won't get him healthy either.

So the Dad needs to identify with something, something healthy, something that will get him to lose 40lbs, improve his diet, and keep it off.

It doesn't matter if the Dad joins Pilates, Big Sky, YMCA, Planet Fitness, or ResoluteFIT. Success CAN be achieved at any of them. He could even not pick a brick and mortar gym, but opt to run a marathon, or do an triathlon; there are tons of fitness options out there. The question is - will the Dad identify with it?

What does it take to change how you identify yourself?




In order to change how you identify yourself, you need to put some serious hours in. This can only be achieved by being committed on a consistent basis. In order to put so many hours in, day by day, week by week, month by month, you've got to like what you are doing, or be seriously committed to your goal.

Why do we have so much success at ResoluteFIT?

My top 3 reasons:

1 - Coaches keeping members accountable

2 - Members keeping members accountable

3 - The feeling of satisfaction after leaving the gym

We know its hard to build new habits and shift your identity. But that's part of why our Coaches are here. To "coach" you into success, with success being defined by your health and fitness based goals. I honestly would not define us as a "gym business", I would define us a "coaching business". Just like a little league coach or an NFL coach, our job is to level you up in order to help you achieve your goal. Like our coaches, our long term members know the struggle is real, and they are all nice, kind people, and so they too help out. They pay it forward. They text and call if you have missed a week or two. They know that a simple text can help bring you back in and get you on track, and they are happy to lend a hand. Lastly, it feels good to come to ResoluteFIT, knowing that you don't need a "plan" to workout, you just show up. You just show up, and the Coaches walk you through the warmup, workout, and cool down. There's less thinking. And there's less mediocrity. Have you ever gone to the gym and just done the elliptical for 45 minutes or gone to the free weights and ended up texting more than lifting? Not here. It's 60 minutes of doing. We like to call it "the best hour of your day", and for many that is the truth.

Now if you have coaches keeping you accountable, members keeping you accountable, and you feel satisfied after leaving the gym (plus did I mention its fun?) then won't you be more likely to be consistent and committed? YEP!

I'll leave you with a short story, and I'm paraphrasing from the book Atomic Habits. In the book, the author tells a story about a woman who wants to lose weight. Instead of joining a gym or picking a marathon to run, she adopts the identity of a healthy person. Now remember, she is currently not a healthy person. She wants to lose a lot of weight. But what matters is that her identity aligns with her goal. So what exactly did she do by adopting the identity of a healthy person? Anytime she was faced with a decision in the day, she would ask herself "what would a healthy person do?" Faced with an elevator or the stairs - "What would a healthy person do? - The stairs." Faced with a takeout menu for lunch - "What would a healthy person order? - The salad with protein". And the author went on and on with examples, and yes the person went on to losing the weight and keeping it off, all because they IDENTIFIED with their goal.

It's a mindset thing.

If you want the lasting success, you need to shift your mindset - your identity - to align with the future version you desire for yourself. And we're here to help coach you along the way.

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