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How To Retire Healthy

We've all heard the same lecture in high school. A quick refresher of how it goes:

Start saving $319/mo for retirement when you are 20, and you'll be a millionaire at 67.

If you don't do that, and instead, start saving for retirement at age 40, you have to save $1,240/mo to reach $1mil by 67.

If you don't do that, and instead, start saving for retirement at age 50, you have to save $2,831/mo to reach $1mil by 67.

[Assuming starting balance $0 and earning 6% interest]

We all want to retire with a big nest egg so we can take care of ourselves, travel, and ideally spoil some grandchildren. But most don't start saving at 20. Only some start saving at 30. Why do we delay starting something we know is good for us in the long term? Heck, it's not just good for us, but should be a necessity!

By this point you are probably wondering if this is a financial retirement blog or what the heck Rob is talking about. Where's the fitness?

Hear me out.

Health & Fitness is the same as saving for retirement.

The goal is to retire with a healthy, working body, low on body fat, low on bad cholesterol, normal blood pressure, low resting heart rate, low on aches and pains, and high on muscle mass. This enables us to LIVE in retirement - think golfing, tennis, playing with grand-kids, travelling, all of it, whatever you enjoy!

This is a stark contrast to most retirees - sedentary, high body fat, low muscle mass, and confined to a nursing home because their body cannot handle otherwise.

Here's the point:

The sooner you start living a healthy life of working out and eating right, the less you have to overcome to achieve a healthy retirement. The later you start, the more it is going to take to achieve the same goal. Just as its possible for a 50yr old to still hit $1mil at retirement when starting late, it is absolutely still possible for a 50yr old to live a long and healthy life if they start working out and eating right at 50. It just takes "more". More working out to gain the muscle that was lost, more dedicated nutrition to lose the body fat that has accumulated over the years, and quite frankly, more work, and more dedication. Just as with money, as the time frame is reduced, quantity needs to be increased to achieve the same result by the same end point.

If you are currently doing fitness and eating healthy - keep doing it!

If you have not started a fitness routine or healthy eating lifestyle - now is the time to start!

It does not need to be complicated:

Do fitness 3-5x per week.


Eat a healthy diet, low on processed foods, with balanced meals and snacks.

The sooner you start doing this, the more of a buffer you build for living healthy in retirement.

"Health and Time are two assets we don't full appreciate until they're gone"

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