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How to Thrive in CrossFit

This blog will be short and sweet.

You do CrossFit (or are thinking about ). How do you not only get results, but THRIVE? Remember, the goal is to be healthy and happy. Fitness should be a lifelong persuit, something that enables you to live the life and retirement of your dreams, not stuck on a couch or in a nursing home watching re-runs of Chicago Fire because you do not have the strength or energy to go out.

Step 1 - Attend! The goal should be 3 to 5 workouts per week for most people. You cannot get the results if you do not attend class.

Step 2 - This is the important part, for "thriving". Follow the 50%, 25%, 25% rule.

50% of the time workout at 75% intensity.

25% of the time workout at 100% intensity.

25% of the time workout at 50% intensity.

Here is another way to look at it.

If you attend 4 days per week:

2 Days you should go quick in workouts. Fast, but sustainable.

1 Day you should go slower, and focus on practicing perfect movement.

1 Day you should go all out, race pace, as fast as you can with good form.

Where we see people go wrong is only having one speed.

- They always go at "quick" pace, but never fast, and never slow


- They always go at "race" pace, and never practice

Think of a race car. If they are always racing, the car is going to break down (injury). If they are always going quick, but not fast or slow, they will never win nor have time to practice skills (have slower progress than others). If they are always going slow, well, they will never win (lose fat / gain muscle).

Be smart about your training, and know when to throttle up and when to throttle down.

Want to talk about this with a coach? Members can set up free goal setting sessions here:


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