Listen Up - Let's Talk Podcasts.

By Coach Brielle

My life has changed since listening to podcasts. I feel grateful to fill my headphones with the sounds of voices offering opposing opinions, perspectives, and viewpoints of people I will probably never meet!

There is something beautiful in that.

Its as if you are creating this international village without ever sharing a room.

What are some of my favorite podcasts you ask? 😊

Well, for one there is the phenomenal relationship expert, Esther Perel who will blow you away with her knowledge of people and psychology. “Where Should We Begin?”

It’s so much more than conversations about love, its more about how to be human with other humans.

Another comes from a well-known author, Glennon Doyle - “We Can Do Hard Things”. She beautifully discusses all things life, love, parenthood, hardship and how to laugh in the end.

“The Joe Rogan Podcast” – I know, his name is polarizing. Its either making you say “HECK YES” or “NOT him again…”.

I actually don’t love everything this man shares. I think he speaks outside of his scope and education a lot of the time which can be confusing to listeners; HOWEVER, I do listen for two reasons and maybe you will too.

1. His guests are (mostly) great! Knowledgeable, thought-provoking.

2. We MUST listen to people who share different perspectives on all aspects of life in order to TRULY know our place and stance. Read that again; because that is for every person you encounter.

Think of this idea as compass. Its ok if you point one way, and he (or anyone) points another. Its about standing your ground and creating space for others to think differently.

I absolutely love the “The Rich Roll podcast”! He was an alcoholic, drug-abusing lawyer turned plant based ultramarathoner, record setter, and full-time entrepreneur. His long list of speakers consists of scientists, food experts, Olympians and more. It is certainly worth a listen!

Another notable mention would be “Under the Skin” with Russell Brand.

Brand eloquently brings politics, science, mental health and more to life, with joking commentary in between that will have you listening closely or you'll find that you might miss something!

Now, this is just to name a few of my favorites!

Here’s what I will say - for all the negatives the technology can bring to the social aspect of being a human in the present moment, I do think having access to podcasts is one of the many positives it has brought us.

So, dear reader, I challenge you - expand your thinking, pause your favorite song (that you have heard a dozen times on the way to work) and listen to a new podcast.

You might just hear something you’ve never heard of before and that is oh-so-exciting.

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