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Living Healthy - S.E.M.M. Method

Probably 99% of people that join ResoluteFIT are looking to be healthier. The goals get more specific, such as losing weight, getting stronger, getting off diabetes medication, and more, but in general, people just want to be healthier.

And no wonder, as today's society is geared towards instant gratification, and generally speaking, instant gratification is almost always on the unhealthy end of the spectrum:

  • Netflix binging entire seasons (remember old TV shows you would only get 1 episode per week?!)

  • Fast food on every corner (who wants to shop for and cook an entire meal?)

  • Pills that promise weight loss or muscle gain (hint: they don't work!)

Enter - S.E.M.M. Method of Healthy Living

Sleep. Eat. Move. Manage.

Easiest way to do this is with a stoplight analogy.

Green = Good

Yellow = OK

Red = Bad


Green = 8 hours or more

Yellow = 6 to 8 hours

Red = 6 hours or less

Sleep is literally when your body heals, grows, and restores hormone balances. If you want to do one thing to be healthier, it would be get more sleep!

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Green = All unprocessed foods cooked by you in healthy quantities and proportions

Yellow = Some unprocessed food, most healthy meals, with some cheat type meals

Red = Mostly processed food, mostly eating out, many cheat type meals

Put poor quality gasoline in a race car and you get bad results. Same thing goes for our body. Eating a healthy diet is one of the best preventative medicines out there for protecting your future body against illness and disease.


Green = Workout to desired stimulus

Yellow = Workout but not at desired stimulus

Red = No workout

No secret here that in order to be healthy, your body needs to move and workout. The idea here though, is that is needs to be aligned with the stimulus to meet your goals. Meaning, if you want fat loss, are you going at a high enough intensity to really burn the calories? Or did you pick too heavy of a weight that is slowing you down? If you want to get stronger, are you choosing weights that are heavy enough to create muscle? Last note - a rest day, if that's what the stimulus calls for, would be GREEN. If the stimulus is a rest day, and you still workout though, that is YELLOW, because it is not the desired stimulus!


Green = Some form of mindfulness or meditation

Yellow = Some quiet time, no distractions

Red = No quiet time, stress piling up

This is usually the hardest one for people. Today's world is GO-GO-GO and filled with constant dings and notifications. To sit down, distraction free, and either meditate or do a mindfulness exercise, is very challenging. But this one pays off big time. A clear mind is priceless. There are tons of apps out there, our favorite is "Headspace"

If you would like help with developing your S.E.M.M. goals, book a Goal Setting Session with a Coach. If you are doing Remote Coaching, send your Coach a message letting them know. Each one of these categories is a skill that requires constant refinement. With minor tweaks over time you will see great results in your health and happiness!

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