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LMNT @ RF - Do You Need Electrolytes?

The most recent addition to the ResoluteFIT supplement lineup is LMNT!

It comes in a little single serving pouch like the picture on the left, or you can snag a whole box if you love it!

What is it, who should take it, and when?

First, picture this - It's kind of hot out, but not too hot, but 100% humidity. You do the workout and sweat A TON. After the workout you crush some water, your protein shake, and some quick digesting carbs to promote recovery.

But something is missing.

An hour later you feel tired, depleted, and are in a mental fog.

Chances are you are dehydrated and low on electrolytes.

When you sweat a lot, it's important to replace your electrolytes and fluid levels.

Specifically, this means salt (sodium), potassium, and magnesium. One nice thing about LMNT is it does not come with other garbage ingredients, and certainly no sugar.

I was turned on to LMNT just this summer when doing my marathon training. I ran out of my favorite carbohydrate + electrolyte mix so I did some shopping. I gave it a try and LOVED it.

The first sip you are like WHOA - THATS A LOT OF SALT! But I came to crave it after every run, and it made me feel so much better later that afternoon. No more tiredness or mental fog.

The product comes in several flavors, as well as an unflavored option if you want to add it to another drink, and costs $2/stick. Dilute to desired taste.

So next time you are drenched in sweat, grab one of these for when you get home and see how you feel later in the day!

To see a quick comparison of LMNT versus a "traditional electrolyte drink", click here

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