• Rob Olson

My CrossFit Story: Jeannine

First things first. I am a 48-year old mom to 3 busy school-age kids and

have a full-time job, a full house (add two dogs, a bunny, and a guinea pig)

and full life. I have been a runner, skier, and a triathlete since I was 14. I

have had injuries, surgeries for said injuries, physical therapy, etc etc and

now I do CrossFit.

Let me also tell you I am stubborn and very very slow to make changes in

my life. It takes me 20 minutes to get into the swimming pool (so cold!!).

CrossFit was no different. Are you kidding me? “Those” people are strong

and so intimidating! So I took my time. First, a free intro class with my

friend, Janelle. Fast-forward 2 years. Next, a 6-week couch-to-CrossFit for

runners so I could get strong again after foot surgery. Fast forward 3

months and I FINALLY purchase a punch card. Because surely I can go

once a week in addition to my other activities. Right? I was scared and still

intimidated and swore every week that I would quit once that punch card

was used up. But then I bought another one. Then I came twice a week.

And now I go 3-times a week. A year and a half ago I had never touched a

barbell or a kettlebell. Never knew what an assault bike was. Hand-stand

push up? Are you nuts? But here I am now and I absolutely LOVE it.

So let me tell you what I’ve learned and maybe you’ll understand why:

1) What seems to be the most impossible workout is completely

possible if you break it down into manageable steps. Metaphor for

life? You bet. One step at a time is how you get through the hardest


2) You can accomplish great things when you have the right support

around you. CrossFit coaches are the BEST at helping you be your

best. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting 150lbs or 35lbs, they will

encourage and support you every step of the way. The person

beside you may be lifting 100 pounds more than you, but they are

working just as hard and trust me, they will be cheering you on every

step of the way.

3) Better form results in better fitness. Got sloppy mechanics? You’re

cheating yourself. Take pride not just in how much you can do but

how well you are doing it. Coaches are key for this. They break

down the movements and watch your form. Listen to them and

practice because it results in strength and confidence going forward.

4) 99% of the time, I walk out of the box feeling proud and am in a better

place than when I went in (nobody’s perfect - the remaining 1% just

sucked. I won’t lie). Even on the worst days, give yourself a pat on

the back because you showed up and did something positive for

yourself and your body.

5) Ask for help. It turns out, when you ask for help it is NOT a sign of

weakness. It helps you grow. It helps you achieve a workout you

thought impossible. It helps you learn better nutrition for your body.

It validates the goals you have for yourself. Coaches are a great

resource for this and it’s part of the program so take advantage of

their expertise.

It takes me a long time to try things, but I am all the better for it. No one

makes me come 6 days a week. No one makes me back-squat 120lbs.

Maybe I’ll get there someday, but I’ll go at my own pace. No matter what

that is, it is met with support, encouragement, and maybe a little “push” to

stretch what I think I’m capable of. So be afraid and intimidated if that’s

where you’re at. But don’t let it stop you from being the best you can be.

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