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My CrossFit Story: Sarah Kapp

A year and a half ago my fitness path took a very different turn. I had never been to a gym and had never worked out with others. I’ve always loved running which then turned into triathlon training and that’s what I had been doing before joining CFS. My happy place was out swimming, biking, or running alone. I didn’t realize two key factors I was missing out on by training alone; the potential gains that come from training with others and my nutrition (or lack there of).

My husband joined CFS almost a year before me and immediately was hooked. I was so happy he found something he enjoyed doing to stay fit. He was so hooked that he told me about it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. Everything from nutrition to stretching to movements in the workouts. For almost a year, I was adamant that I didn’t “need” a gym and that I was doing fine with my fitness routine. Then I met with a coach to try out the introduction course. My mind was blown. I remember thinking in my head “8 minutes? That’s it?” Those 8 minutes of burpees, box jumps, and kettlebell swings crushed me. I was in. I welcomed the challenge and was in awe of what others at the gym were capable of doing. Having members around me suffering through the same workout somehow made it easier for me to push through and go harder or heavier than I thought I could do. I think it is so fantastic to see the array of strengths among everyone. Some can lift heavy, some can walk on their hands, and some can do it all! I learned that I love seeing others achieve their goals just as much (if not more) as I love achieving my own.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include Denise and her nutrition coaching in my early days of CFS. To put it frankly, my nutrition was horrendous. I was training for triathlons on a few cups of coffee, granola bar (or two), and whatever was laying around for dinner. I wish I could put into words the face Denise made when I shared my lack of nutrition with her. She set me up with my macros and to this day I still track my food daily. I’ve learned that when I change my fitness goals, my nutrition must follow suit. In fact, focusing on my nutrition turned out to be my biggest gain.

As for my triathlon training, I have found a way to incorporate both CrossFit and traditional swim/bike/run into my routine. My training still consists of two a day workouts, as most triathlon training programs do, however, CrossFit has become one of the two. There certainly was a mind shift when I first started out. I was worried I wouldn't be able to successfully finish a longer distance race since most CrossFit workouts are shorter in time than what I was used to doing. However, I started thinking of CrossFit workouts as pure fitness and strength training and the swim/bike/run as the application of that fitness and strength. Turns out, my swimming, biking, and running are stronger than ever and I feel so much better doing each of them. CrossFit has also played a significant role for my mental training game. Some WODs are intentionally very challenging both physically and mentally. Whether it's going all out for 8 minutes or pacing yourself for a longer 40 minutes, it requires mental planning and awareness. Often times during a long bike or run, I'll think back to one of those challenging WODs and think "I've got this".

I love fitness. I love being around others that also love fitness. The friendships I’ve made through CFS are a big reason why I choose to show up for class everyday. I’ve learned a lot about my training strengths and weaknesses through conversations with both coaches and members. I can’t wait to learn and challenge myself more and more each day as I continue along my fitness path.

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