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My Journey

About Me:

· 41 year-old full-time corporate marketing professional

· Husband and father of two (2) daughters

· Fitness and Nutrition Coach at ResoluteFIT

In September 2012 when our oldest daughter was 4 months old, a light switch went off. I had always been an average athlete, that tried to keep in shape through my 20’s, and in my mind was able to out train a bad diet. In the 1.5 – 2 years prior to this moment, I just had a bad diet.

The light switch moment was stepping into my first group fitness class at a Boot Camp/Athletic Conditioning gym for a free intro, and realizing just how out of shape I really was. I joined that day on a one-year membership, that ultimately changed my entire lifestyle. Until then, it was the most expensive gym membership I had ever paid for. As a result, I decided to pay attention to my nutrition.

I started on my own, by simply making smarter choices and asking questions along the way. I was under-eating, but fat turned into muscle and performance went up because I was new. I became addicted to the group atmosphere and competitive nature of classes…I was hooked!

After a year in, I craved a challenge as a way to test my new found fitness and signed up for my first Spartan Race. I didn’t take the easy route, instead, my first race was a 12+ mile Spartan Beast with my furthest run at that time being a 5K (3.1 miles)! I finished in the top 15% of all participants and I once again was hooked and went on to participate in over 30 OCR races of all distances and levels – Spartan, BattleFrog, BoneFrog, Open, Elite, etc., with my greatest accomplishments being two races in one day for a combined 18 miles at altitude on Breckenridge Ski Resort; and a Trifecta weekend (3 races for a combined 26 miles) in the mountains of West Virginia.

If you know me well, I don’t stop moving and am constantly looking to level-up. In January 2016, I decided to give my fitness a new challenge and started CrossFit. This introduced me to the competition/sport side of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. I was re-invigorated and quickly became focused on improving my movement patterns and performance so that I could compete, ultimately in both.

During this time, I was working for the leading sports nutrition and supplement distributor, so I was gaining nutrition and supplement advice from our in-house resources, which included our Health & Wellness Coordinator/Strength Coach who had previously worked across collegiate athletics, the NBA and WNBA. This, along with support from other programs offered some validation on what I was already doing right and helped fine tune things along the way.

When the pandemic hit, I was staying active and eating healthy but found myself grazing quite a bit while working from home. I decided to join ResoluteFIT’s nutrition challenge which drove awareness to bad habits and improved the quality and timing of my meals and snacks, in a very simple way!

I started to really enjoy this simple, habit based approach focused on whole foods and so I stuck with it. In mid-November 2020, I experienced my first real injury, suffering an adductor tendon tear. It was initially believed to be a hernia and I therefore didn’t work out for almost 2 months. Going from 6 days a week to zero was a mental challenge and quintessential 2020. I didn’t know how long I was going to be out or if I was going to need surgery. In addition, it was the holidays with related traditions of treats and excess. I knew what to do in order to avoid weight gain and muscle loss, however decided to use this time as another test. A test similar to the show “Fit2Fat2Fit” of getting completely out of shape and then coming back. I decided to go overboard on the indulgences in order to make it even more exciting to get back at it, and to create a start fresh!

Over the years, I have learned how to callous my mind and that focus, dedication, consistency and trust in the plan or routine will drive success. I knew I could do it but that I needed to be patient. This is not something I’m great at when focusing on my own results! I also believe in having a positive mindset in every situation and live by the quote of “You can or can’t. Both are right.”.

I practiced what we preach of simple, habit-based nutrition; focused on what I could control and listened/trusted the professionals at Live Every Day Physical Therapy.

My hope is that this has in some way inspired or motivated you. Or, that that it has challenged you to make today day one, instead of continuing to say “one day”. In any case, we’re here to help with your fitness and/or nutrition, wherever that might currently be, and would be honored to play a part in your journey.

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