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My Morning Routine - And Why It Matters

You've heard these things before.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Steve Jobs famously wore the same outfit every day.

Something something Circadian Rhythm.

Your morning routine matters. Show me a high performing individual, and I guarantee you they have a morning routine. What is involved in that routine is up to the individual, and it comes down to what that person prioritizes. There is no right or wrong, but there is an "ideal", and that is specific to you and your goals.

Here is my routine.

5:00am - Wakeup

5:01am - Chug 20oz of water

5:02am - Bathroom and brush teeth

5:05am - Get dressed with clothes I lay out the night before

5:07am - Empty dishwasher

5:10am - Do ROMWOD

5:30am - Get cup of coffee and read about one chapter in a book

6:00am - Refresh coffee and check news, answer emails, and set to-do list for the day

7:00am - Kids start waking up, put laptop away

7:30am - Breakfast. Same breakfast 6 days a week. Friday we do protein pancakes.

8:00am - Watch one TV show with kids

8:30am - Go to basement and continue work

I do that schedule literally 7 days a week. Except Sat/Sun I do not go to the basement at 8:30am. But everything else is the same. Why?

  1. Routine allows you to free up mental bandwidth for other things. My entire morning is automated. I go from one activity to the next without needing a decision. Imagine if I had to think about each activity and then decide? That sounds like a nightmare. It would probably go like this - "Alarm goes off at 5am ... nah ... I'll hit snooze, I'm tired. Ah geez, I got up late, skip the chugging of water, and quickly get dressed. But what should I wear? Ahhh this is taking too long, I need to hurry up. Forgot to empty dishwasher. No time for ROMWOD now, right to emails." You can see what I mean. The day quickly gets out of hand. Routine removes thought. Its pre-set. That does not mean its automatic though! You still have to wakeup when that alarm goes off, and you still have to follow through on the routine with action.

  2. Lets talk about breakfast. One of the biggest reasons people either dont eat, or eat a poor breakfast, is because of rushing and not knowing what to eat. I eat the same breakfast 6 days a week, and the one day we eat something different, its the same every week. This makes it easy. You figure out what macronutrients and calories you need, and then it removes the calculations every morning. Its decided and done. For those wondering, I eat 3 eggs, 1 serving of egg whites, 2 slices of cheese, a handful of spinach in the omelet, and 2 cups of plain old fashioned oatmeal. People always ask, doesn't that get boring? Nope! I vary it up by changing the cheese from american to pepper jack. Some days we'll get fancy and add bacon. Its an easy tweak and doesn't change the macros all that much. Doing it this way also makes food shopping easier, we need the same foods every week!

  3. Your morning is a snapshot of what you prioritize. By looking at my schedule, you can see I prioritize sleep and my circadian rhythm by waking up at the same time every day of the week, nutrition (water and proper breakfast), stretching with romwod, and work by reading a educational book and checking my emails. Show me your morning and I'll show you what you prioritize. The 5am and 6am classes at CFS are the busiest classes by far. Its not because they enjoy getting up early, no, its because they want to prioritize their health and fitness!

I challenge you to analyze your morning, make a few tweaks to improve it based on what you want to prioritize, and test it out for at least a week. And even though I have a routine, I still switch up from time to time. I don't always do ROMWOD, some days I go for a run. Some days I'll read more. But the gist of it is the same. The more you can make a habit, the more you will clear your mind to tackle bigger tasks during the day.

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