Never Forget Your Why.

By Brielle DeBaise

I’m sitting at a red light waiting impatiently for it to turn green. I look to my left and in the turning lane sits a woman who is texting ferociously.

To my right there is a man chewing away his nails. Gosh, he looks stressed. Maybe its work? Money? It’s usually money. Who knows, probably all of the above.

I look back up and the light flashes green. Blink. As I move forward, I realize how fast I’m going. Why am I always in a rush but yet I always feel so behind?

I don’t want to work out today. Ugh.

Physically I feel fine, but internally I feel like an anxious tornado of thoughts. My mind is spinning with the lists of all the things I have done and still have yet to do.

Like the dishes, an important work assignment, to clean Henry’s room and organize his clothes that are too small. He is getting so big already. I can’t believe that he is 7 months old. Where did it go?

That’s when it clicks.


I look up at the next light. Here I am at a complete halt and the light is green. I give a polite wave and shrug "whoops, sorry!"

I think as I drive on. Where did it go?

Time is passing me by and as I watch my son get older, I realize that I too, am getting older.

I want to be healthy for him. I want to be active and vivacious as I near my 70s, 80s, and if I’m really lucky, my 90s.

It’s all possible but it starts here. It starts with my mindset and apparently, my focus on what is front of me, like that green light.

I need to ditch these limiting beliefs that I can’t be all of the things at once.

It starts with my fitness, the food I cook, and the attitude I carry.

I pull into the gym parking lot and find a spot. I sit with two remaining thoughts.

1. I don’t have to work out, I GET to. Boom.

2. And finally, he is my WHY. Even before he was born, he was always my why. Being the best version of me for him (and myself) has always been a part of that why.

That’s all I needed to hear. I unbuckle, grab my keys and my enormous water jug that screams “FITNESS, heck yeah!” and I get my butt through that door – because THIS is so much bigger than my excuses not to.

Ask yourself:

Are you staying still when the light is green?

What’s your why?

Never forget it.

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