• Rob Olson

New to CFS: L.E.D. Physical Therapy Services!

I'm SUPER excited to announce that CrossFit Simsbury is partnering with Live Every Day Physical Therapy to provide physical therapy services INSIDE CrossFit Simsbury!

This has been a project long in the making, and aligns directly with our mission statement - "To cultivate a community dedicated to improving our health, wellness, and happiness through CrossFit methodologies."

Now if you get a small nagging injury (or a bigger injury) you can book a session with a professional physical therapist, and see them right in CFS.

But wait, it gets better! The service will be provided the the one and only Katie Lauder, fellow CrossFitter, and devout 5am-er!

For those that have seen a medical provider for a small nagging injury, most providers would say "stop doing CrossFit" to make it better. But, as CrossFitters, we know that is not an option. We want solutions, not avoidance. Katie knows what we do, why we do it, and how to precisely help our population.

The service will be run by LED, and as such, billing insurance is an option!

To book a session, visit https://www.cfsimsbury.com/members

To email Katie with a question about if her service is right for you, she can be reached at katie@cfsimsbury.com

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