New Year, New Me...We're Already Back Here?

By Coach Brielle

As the New Year approaches, we are bombarded with conversations at work, at home, and with friends, about our new resolutions to follow.

I’m here to break the mold and tell you that you don’t necessarily need any.

At least, not specifically for January 1st.

Here is what I will say; having a goal in mind for your health, fitness, or life in general is fantastic!

I am proud of you for acknowledging that you want more from this life!

That’s the first step. 😊

But, let me remind you of this… you are a living, breathing, ever-evolving human being who does NOT need a specific date to light a fire within you about accomplishing said goals.

It is more important that you focus on the continuation of your growth each year and to develop a backup plan for when things go south, because let me tell you, they probably will.

Its a tale as old as time. . . "Once Upon a Time, a goal was made – I would like to run more for weight loss and health benefits!”

But as the weeks passed by, the goal was never fulfilled!


Because it wasn’t specific enough AND it was made to seek pleasure in the very act of creating a goal than actually seeking a RESULT out of it.

Ah. *The crowd boos*

Have you ever created a To Do list AFTER doing the things on it just to check them off and feel good? Me too, friend, me too.

It does feel good in that moment.

Just like creating those darn "New Year Resolutions!"

But I am here to ask you for more.

To really get specific this time around. To decide today or three days from now that this is something that you really want and WHAT you're going to do about it.

What is it that you want for this coming year and what are you going to do to achieve it?

Once that is decided, write it down. Put pen to paper and make something physical out of it instead of leaving as a thought in your head. Then, you must create a list of action steps.

Going back to our friend who failed to run even if it was for the right reasons, it just wasn’t specific enough.

Not being specific enough means little thought was given and its more likely for the idea to flop.


“I want to run for weight loss and health benefits” which then turns into –

“I will run 2x/week for 20 minutes. I would like to increase my running time to 3x/week for 20-30 minutes over the next few months and then track my distance and pace to see how I am improving. I will journal my distance and times in my phone. I also find a nearby trail that I want to follow and research highly rated running shoes. I will also find a CT running group on Facebook for runner friends and motivation. I would like to complete a 5k at the Hartford marathon event exactly 9 months from now.”

This is specific, to the point, and more likely to happen than saying you’d like to start running. This is just a start!

All in all, my take home message for you is to start when you feel ready and when that time comes, get specific and get REAL with yourself about what you are willing to commit to.

YOU can truly do ANYTHING that you set your mind to, so long as you have a plan of action steps to follow and the commitment to start with the dedication to show up every day.

I believe in you.

So, a big Happy New Year to you! You've made it through another year and for that, be proud.

But also Happy New Day because remember, we only have this day once so make it count regardless of what the calendar says.

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