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ResoluteLIFT - Move Your Barbell WITH A PURPOSE!

October 11th is the kickstart of the lift program coming back to RF!! I'm sure many of you saw the video I posted in the Facebook group, but it will be 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Sign-ups will be through frontdesk@weareresolutefit.com and when you sign up, you'll get a custom RF Barbell Club long sleeve shirt!!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to explain what you will see in your lifting program. Each of you that sign up will get a personalized 6-week lifting card with your previous 1RM of Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. With these numbers, I'll calculate certain percentages for each week's rep scheme. Each lift will consist of 3 different blocks with different focuses. Our first block is focused on power development. In this block, we really want to emphasize moving our bar FAST!! You will see some Olympic movements, med ball work, explosive jumps, and some prehab/activation exercises to prepare us for our main lift. We then will move on to the meat and potatoes of the workout with our main lift for the day. This block will take the longest due to assuring we have adequate amount of rest between sets. Along with the main movement, there will be a couple sets of accessory work to compliment that certain lift. For example, you will see some hamstring work when we focus on back squat. Last but not least, our final block is just an accessory block for either upper or lower body along with some core, which will be based on the main lift. So, if we have a lower body emphasis in our main block, we will do some accessory upper body work in the third block.

Our goal for the 6-week block is to increase our strength, bar speed, and to be more explosive with our bodies!! Every week, the reps will decrease and the weights will go up! That leads me to week 6 which is PR TIME!! That final week will be more on the lighter side with weights and reps to make sure we are at our best when we test out our main lifts. I am so excited to bring you guys through this strength journey, and I can't wait to see some GAINS!!

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