• Rob Olson

Stressed? Emotionally Drained? Here Are 3 Quick Tips!

2020. Where to begin. Global pandemic with no end in sight. An election year that is more polarized than ever. Social reform that has spurred protests and riots across the country. It is literally crazy out there. And people are feeling it, emotionally, from the constant bombardment of negativity, relentless polarized news cycle, and never ending threats of illness from a virus that can affect everyone. People are stressed out, emotionally drained, and just plain tired. Here are three quick tips to help:

Workout and Eat Healthy!

You guys knew this was coming! Working out provides not only physical benefits, but enormous mental benefits as well. It's a huge stress reliever for people. Make sure you get, on average, 3 workouts in per week. As far as food goes, we all know food can be an emotional comfort. Ice cream, alcohol, you name it, when people are stressed, they grab comfort food items, which, are almost always bad for you. Foods high in sugar give way to mood swings, alcohol gives a hangover, its just a vicious cycle. Do your body, brain, and soul a favor and do your best to workout and eat as healthy as possible.

Go For A Walk In The Woods

We are very fortunate to live in the Simsbury area which has many trails to make use of. McLean, Stratton Brook, Simsbury Land Trust Trails, Talcott Mountain, Penwood, and more. Nature is a well documented source of healing. Leave your phone in the car, or at the very least, turn it off or on silent, and just listen to nature. Go solo or with a friend. It's up to you whether you want to be with your thoughts or get your thoughts out for a meaningful conversation. Bring water, bring healthy snacks, and enjoy it. Let your mind wander. You are guaranteed to feel better afterwards. If you want to get some fitness out of it, go for a hike or turn it into a jog for even more benefits!

Do a Social Media and News Detox

Facebook and Instagram are literally addicting. It's part of why they are so popular. While there is some positivity in social media depending on the friends and pages you follow, there is also a lot of negativity. And sometimes the positivity that is displayed can lead to feelings of sadness for you because you feel like others have it better. What positivity that is displayed is often a highlight reel, and you have no idea what stresses or struggles they may really be facing. The news highlights the most explosive, sad, depressing, and hateful of all the potential things happening to get clicks and views. Its one sad or maddening story after another. What can you do? TURN IT OFF! Remove the apps from your phone for a week. Your account will stay active, but literally, delete the apps for a week. Commit to not watching the news for a week. If there are any happenings so big in the world, your friends will tell you. Give this a try for 2 or 3 days, or go big and go for a week! Not only will you be less stressed, but you will also gain time in your day for other activities!

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