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The Off-Season

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Coach Nick:

If you’ve ever played (or watched) some kind of sport, you know that most of them go through what is called an “off-season”. This is an athletes chance to recover from a long and grueling season. It occurred to me that we as gym athletes never really prioritize this, when we should in fact use this opportunity at least once or twice a year! Myself and Rob Olson are taking the entire month of November to crush the off-season and go into the New Year feeling fresh and ready, here are my 3 reasons why!

#1 Physical and Mental Recovery: If you train everyday (or close to it) then you are physically beating up your body, breaking it down to get stronger. The off-season gives your body a chance to catch up and decompress. This is especially helpful if you have one of those pesky nagging injuries or feel like you’ve plateaued. There are mental benefits too! Constantly waking up to grind can take its toll and giving yourself a break to allow a mental reset is crucial for health and wellness. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t working out or skipping workouts, you are just reducing the load a bit to allow yourself to attack the next month and the ones after that. If anything, the break will give you renewed energy and make the next month’s even more productive!

#2 Getting back on the wagon: For myself, I’ve been neglecting my fitness overall and each time I try to get back into it I go way too hard or heavy and end up being sore for days. Not the easiest way to start back up and not ideal for my body (or confidence). The off-season prioritizes lower weight, volume and complexity which gives you the chance to get on the on-ramp and slowly build back up to where you want to be, without your body getting crushed. It’s a good feeling being able to walk into the gym every day without feeling like you’ve been hit by a train and mentally it gives you the confidence to get there as much as you can.

#3 Rebuilding the Foundation: With the constant need to PR, “go fast” or beat someone on the leaderboard, we often miss the chance to really work on weaknesses or focus on skills. What better time to do this than the off-season! A whole month of focus on creating good habits and making sure you’re moving well and efficiently? That’s a recipe for long term success. Need to improve mobility? How about deeper and better squats? This is your chance to really lock down the things you’ve been neglecting. So get out there and crush the off-season!

Coach Rob:

Yes, you read that correct, for the entire month of November, I will be taking RF class 4-5 days per week, and instead of going with Sport/Rx or even Competition/Rx+, I will be going with health or fitness or a combination of the two.


I've talked about deloading before, which is critical to do as an athlete to maintain any sort of longevity. You can read more about it HERE, but the basics are that every 8-12 weeks you take an entire week and go lighter, easier, and focus on recovery. You are de-loading your system from the normal stress. This is how you reduce injuries and get stronger in the long run.

Deloading is great, and I've always been pretty good at doing them. I credit them with never really having injuries, big or small, and never being too worn out. Deloads are like getting an oil change and new tires for your car. You can push it a bit and go a bit past the recommended mileage if you want, but for the longevity of your car and your safety, it's best to do them at the recommended time intervals.

But after my marathon and moving the gym, I felt worn out. Big time. A deload week wasn't going to cut it. I just wasn't ready to get back into heavy weights and super fast workouts. This is when I decided to make November my off-season, use it as a time to just get a nice workout, sweat, move, engage the muscles, and HAVE FUN with everyone in class .

Everyone is different in the gym and the reasons for why they come, but I always have a little competitiveness when working out. Normally that is good, and gets me to go faster and heavier, which results in more gains. But if I did not commit to a month of deloading/off-season, I guarantee you I would have rushed back into going faster and heavier, and not giving myself the recovery I really needed. That's like a breaking your leg and being told to use crutches for 8 weeks but only using them for 2. It's a bad idea.

If deloading for a week is like getting an oil change and new tires, an off-season is like having a mechanic do a deep dive into the car engine, changing worn out parts with new ones, getting new suspension, and checking all parts for wear and tear. If you want your car to last 10+ years, it's simply a good idea.

Why not do the same for your body and your mind?

As Nick and I mentioned above, the off-season is not just time-off. We are still working out. That's a critical distinction, because if you take a full month off from working out, you will break your habits, and getting them back is no easy feat. Nobody wants to start back at zero!

The off-season and deloading are also great times to focus on:

- More sleep

- Improving your nutrition

- Getting massage or chiropractic tune up

- Anything that will reduce your stress

If you are interested in deloading or an off-season but want some help with the specifics, book a Goal Setting Session with a Coach and we'll help walk you through it! A goal setting session is free for members and it's just a chance to sit down with a coach for 15 minutes outside of the distractions from class!

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