Trying Something New

By Coach Laura

I started at ResoluteFit the first spring it was opened as CrossFit Simsbury.

At that point in my life I had tried different forms of working out, including: kick boxing, Zumba, PX videos, Planet Fitness, step, etc… None of these options helped me grow as an athlete. I would usually get bored easily by the repetitiveness of the routines and workouts and I didn’t feel I was learning anything new or challenging myself.

I gave myself a three month time line to try out CrossFit Simsbury/ResoluteFit. At first I thought I was in over my head, as I had never Power lifted, Olympic lifted, or done an ounce of gymnastics in my life. Though, having the camaraderie and support of others who shared similar fitness goals, along with some well informed coaches to guide me, I was able to start feeling more comfortable and that I was where I belonged. I was (and still am) learning and improving each time I walk through the door. I haven’t gotten bored and continue to be challenged with the broad variety of workouts.

I’m grateful that I got in over my head and tried something new, as here I am, years later, still enjoying ResoluteFit as a member and coach.

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