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We Have A Re-Open Date!

Yes, it's true, we have a date set to re-open CrossFit Simsbury's physical location at 1285 Hopmeadow Street! The State of Connecticut has slated gyms to open on June 20th, a Saturday, and we will open the following Monday, June 22.

Keep in mind, all of this is subject to change. The coronavirus is a constantly evolving situation, and we will follow the guidance of the CDC, WHO, and State of CT. We are taking a conservative approach at CrossFit Simsbury, and will not rush into re-opening if it means any risk to staff or members.

Our guiding principles, in order:

1 - Is this as safe as it can be?

2 - Is this as optimal an experience as it can be for the members while maintaining principle #1?

We went through many different scenarios, and while we still wait specific guidance from the State, we feel we have landed with a great plan of action. As noted above, our primary concern is safety. How can we offer our program with the utmost safety for our staff and members? Then secondary to safety, we thought about how we can make the operation as optimal as possible. This is all a template which we will modify based on state requirements and lessons learned from other CrossFits around the world.

  1. Anyone with ANY symptoms must stay home. Yes, allergy symptoms can mimic COVID-19. Anyone with ANY symptoms must stay home.

  2. Anyone with sick family members must stay home.

  3. Class schedule will be adjusted so classes are not back-to-back, thus reducing traffic flow and congestion

  4. Classes will limit the number of athletes per class (expect 10 per class until you hear otherwise)

  5. Athletes will have spaces to work out in. Expect to stay in that space for the majority of class. If running or movement within the room exists in the wod, we will do our best to control the flow and not have members clump up in certain areas.

  6. Athletes will have most gear laid out in their box prior to the start of class to help reduce congestion at equipment areas.

  7. There will be no partner wods or sharing of equipment

  8. Extra time will be added before and after class to clean equipment

  9. Members and staff are expected to wash hands before and after class

  10. Masks during class are currently TBD

  11. No fist bumps, high fives, hand shakes, or other contact

  12. Social distancing is expected before, during, and after class. Blatant disregard for this will not be tolerated.

  13. Drop-Ins will not be allowed during our partial re-opening

  14. If you travel outside of CT we ask you not attend class for one week

  15. Prep Courses (new members) and Personal Training will resume on a limited basis

  16. There will be no Open Gym offered at this time.

  17. The first two weeks or so back at the gym the programming will be tailored for a smoother re-entry into CrossFit. More warmup. More cooldown. No heavy weights. Still great workouts! We know fitness has been different these last couple months and want to ensure the re-entry is as smooth as possible!

  18. If anyone does not feel safe to return, we will continue to offer our Remote Coaching platform so you can continue to get fitness gains at home!

We will evaluate our operations and systems daily. Expect changes to be made. We thank everyone in advance for your support and cooperation, and look forward to getting back to our home after a 3 month hiatus!

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