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What I've Learned (or Been Reminded Of) in 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Wow. Nobody could have predicted what 2020 brought:


Closing for "14 Days to Slow the Spread" but Actually Staying Closed for 3 Months

Greg Glassman Being Forced Out of CrossFit

Social Reform

Schools Closed and Kids Doing Remote Learning

Most Adults Working From Home

Masks on During High Intensity Workouts


There have been many lessons learned here, all great lessons that will be echoed down to our kids for decades to come. For the sake of this blog, I will keep the lessons to those related to fitness :-) Or else this could quickly turn into a book!

Lesson 1:

Consistency is everything. Whether you are talking about fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, weight loss, muscle gain, or any other "positive influencer" ... the best results come from consistency over time. Many of the details could change, such as where the workout happens, or with what gear, or at what time, but if you are consistent with the behavior regardless of specificity, you will still get results. Don't let the specifics detract you from the consistency.

Lesson 2:

The term "community" is often thrown around, and hard to define, but "community" is what kept us going during our darkest moments. And we all had dark moments.

Lesson 3:

Overcommunicate. Whether you own a business and are communicating with clients or you have a neighbor that you haven't seen in awhile, everyone appreciates communication.

Lesson 4:

While we "do fitness" here at ResoluteFIT, 2020 showed us that we are more of a "coaching business" than a "gym that does group high intensity functional fitness". Coaching transcends location, equipment, and circumstance. Coaching is about the relationship, one which brings the athlete closer to their health and fitness goals using objective and measurable data with subjective and thoughtful actions.

Lesson 5:

Forgiveness is critical. Emotions and stress have been riding the roller coaster all year. Forgive your spouse, your friend, your kid, your dog, your neighbor ... even yourself. Nobody is perfect and everyone is doing their best this year.

Lesson 6:

Bright Spots are critical too. Why do we do "Bright Spot Friday" every week in the Facebook group? To help encourage everyone to see the positives. To be grateful. To see things half full. Optimism is a learned trait. Teach yourself to see the positives and you'll be much happier regardless of circumstance.

Lesson 7:

Ask for help and offer help. The good in the world is built around helping. I like the mantra "help first".

Lesson 8:

Be flexible. Workouts can't always happen in a gym, with all the equipment, at your specific desired time. Learn to do "Your Best Doable Option". Something is always better than nothing.

Lesson 9:

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. For those that don't know, one of the Navy SEALs mottos is "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". If you read it quickly, it doesn't really mean much; people are quick to nod their heads in agreement. But if you sit back and think about it, I've found it to be true over and over again. It's true that today may seem tough in the moment, but yesterday was easier than today by comparison. The beauty is, as we grow as humans through knowledge and personal experiences, not only do we work harder, but we work smarter. We are presented with, and more adept to handle, the increased challenges of tomorrow. So I say bring on tomorrow, give me the challenge, and I will thrive and persevere on that adversity, so I can look back and say "yesterday was easy". This applies to every single member at ResoluteFIT, by the very nature of being a member, you are not complacent and desire better. Every, single, day.

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