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What to expect for programming June 22nd

CFS has always provided us with an incredible atmosphere filled with energy, intensity and camaraderie. When COVID-19 shut down gyms, we lost some of those things. Many of us managed to keep working out even with CFS closed, but intensity and energy most likely dropped. That is why we have decided to ease our way back into things. I know that many will want to jump right back into things before we left, but it is important that we acknowledge that things are different and that they can even be better!

To start things off, expect reduced time domains. At CFS we used to spend a lot of time working out, in fact the majority of class was dedicated to the WOD. While we of course will build back up to long workouts, once we get back expect shorter WODs (less 15 minutes). The purpose of this is to rebuild the body to handle longer and more intense workouts. That doesn’t mean that the workouts will be slow and boring, in fact some of the best workouts are the short and fast ones (I’m looking at you “Fran”). There will still be an exciting mix of times and rounds, just don’t expect any 30 minute soul crushers right away.

Next up will be weight. Everyone has always been at a different level when it comes to lifting weight and the scaling will always reflect that. But when we are back in the gym expect the WODs to be at a lower weight than normal. While some have been doing some kind of lightweight lifting while at home, many have had to stick with bodyweight. Similar to time domains, we will build back up in weight. For the first month or so though, we will keep the weight at a reasonable level. This logic will apply to complexity as well. Certain moves such as muscle ups, handstand walks and advanced gymnastics moves will appear less. A big focus will be put on the fundamentals and building those back up. This can be a great thing! While Handstand Pushups look fun and cool, the Pushup is the foundation of this and should be worked on first. Use this time to build strong fundamentals and watch all the complex moves improve!

Because of the mentioned changes above, this will leave more time for warmup, cooldown, and skill work. This is not a bad thing! Quality warmups and cooldowns not only help to build flexibility, but also prevent injuries. Warmups help prepare us for WODs and cooldowns speed up and help the recovery process. This brief period of changes will be an excellent time to stretch and get our bodies in tip top shape!

Understand that what we are trying to do is ease our way back into the CrossFit lifestyle we all know and love. The best thing to do is look at this in a positive way. With this process we can develop better habits, stretch/warmup more and become healthier athletes. The workouts will still be great, the energy will be high and best of all we get to workout with our fellow classmates. Get ready for all the gains!!!

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