• Rob Olson

Why do we do different kinds of movements?

With the increase of bodyweight movements, we have seen a change-up in programming and the style/type of movements. Reverse Lunges vs Standard Lunges, Squat Jumps vs Air Squats, etc, etc. Why are we doing these different moves and how do they benefit us?

To start, one of the biggest parts of the CrossFit methodology is constantly varied movements. This helps to build our General Physical Preparedness (GPP). By introducing new movements we are challenging the body in different ways and preparing ourselves for the unknown and the unknowable. The use of varying movements also helps to keep things fresh and fun, which of course helps to keep you coming back for more fitness and challenges!

Next up! When doing different moves, not only are we just challenging the body with something we never do, but we use different muscles to do these motions. Reverse Lunges can actually target the hamstrings and glutes a bit more than standard walking lunges. Similarly when we take movements and introduce “balance/coordination”, then the whole movement changes. Pistols or Single-Leg Romanian DL pushes our body to use smaller stabilizing muscles that we may not use doing their “normal” counterparts.

Eccentric vs Concentric. You may notice every now and then we will do “negative movements”, this is because of the way it affects our muscles. We will use Pushups as an example, when dropping down into a Pushups you are stretching the chest muscles (eccentric) and as you go up you are contracting the chest (concentric). By doing a negative and slowly going down into a Pushup you are putting more strain on the eccentric phase and changing up the way you stress the body. Eccentric motions have tons of benefits from muscle building to increasing explosive power.

So there are tons of good reasons to change things up and do different variations of movements. We try to develop and do different things to keep things fun and exciting, but to also help build and stress our muscles! So keep changing things up and getting after that fitness in different ways!

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