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Why We Do Handstand Pushups; Plus 3 Ways To Get Better At Them!

Updated: Feb 17

Handstand Pushups [HSPU]. Why on earth do we do them? This blog will answer just that, and give you 3 ways you can get started to improving your HSPU capabilities.

First, let's discuss why we do HSPU.

They are a great exercise for:

- Shoulder Strength

- Triceps Strength

- Chest Strength

- Balance

- Coordination

- Vestibular Sense Improvement

The muscles worked are easily understood. But you can also work these same muscles by doing any kind of pressing movement like a strict press, push press, with dumbbells or barbells. So why get upside-down?

To improve balance, coordination, and your vestibular sense!

Think about it. As adults, when was the last time you got upside-down? For 99% of us, it was probably in elementary school! Your vestibular sense is controlled by your inner ears. It helps you recognize and feel body rotation, gravity, and movement. This is not a big deal until it is. Think of friends or family that have had vertigo, dizziness, motion sickness, and more. Getting upside-down helps keep your vestibular system active and in control.

While handstand pushups are great and have a lot of benefits, they are still an advanced movement and caution needs to be taken when learning the move especially with new athletes.

Here are 3 ways to help get you to your first handstand pushup:

Build upper body strength

- Continue coming to RF sessions or enroll in the next ResoluteLIFT program. Muscle, and increased strength, is built and improved by consistent training and good nutrition habits. Simply put, it just takes time depending on where you are starting from. Keep doing things like strict press, push press, bench press, pushups, burpees, and any other upper body pressing movement.

Practice headstands, handstand holds, or even box HSPU

- You can get the benefits of being upside-down without doing the actual handstand pushup. Start off trying a box HSPU, then try a headstand against a wall (resting on your head with neck in neutral position), and then finally a handstand hold (no press, arms stay locked out). Focus on the crawl-walk-run format by starting off slow and simple and slowly increase the difficulty.

Get a Coach to assist

- There are a dozen or more drills you can do to practice handstand pushups that are made 100x easier by having a coaches expertise in a one-on-one setting. If you really want to improve your HSPU's, so much can be accomplished in a 30 minute session with a coach that may otherwise take weeks or months in group classes. Ask your favorite coach or shoot the frontdesk an email (frontdesk@weareresolutefit.com)

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