• Rob Olson

Working on that handstand mobility from the bottom up

Getting upside down into a handstand is a movement very unique to the Crossfit community - but it is also pretty awesome. Think about it for a second...how many people over the age of 10 can pop up into a handstand? Bonus feature: not only is the handstand position an amazing way to strengthen and build the shoulders - it’s also a great party trick! 

But...what if being in the handstand position feels absolutely terrible? Where can you begin to make the handstand feel more natural and productive? Here’s where: the base (and foundation) of the handstand - the wrists. 

Because the handstand is such a unique position (and also because we don’t often think to stretch our wrists - there are just so many other things to stretch!) our wrists may not be fully prepared for the position which the handstand requires of them. 

To get the wrists ready for the handstand it doesn’t take a very complex stretch. Just get into a hands and knees position on the floor, turn your finger tips toward your knees and lean back to stretch your forearms and hold this position for 1-2 minutes (see picture below). It may take a couple of weeks of stretching for this stretch to take hold but once it does you will likely feel much more comfortable in a handstand. If you are able to get into that handstand position well but you can’t seem to find the balance for a handstand push up, this wrist stretch may help you find better alignment and balance with that handstand push up. 

Give this stretch a try over the next few weeks and especially when warming up for a WOD with handstand push ups. 

Happy handstanding! 

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