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Hire a professional coach to guide you through safe and effective workouts from your own home.

Your personal ResoluteFIT Coach will meet you where you are and get you moving forward while keeping you safe. We provide safe, effective online training to everyone regardless of age, experience, or fitness level.  We keep you accountable, healthy, happy and fit! Let us help you reach your true fitness potential!

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Your personal coach is here to keep you accountable and make tweaks to your plan as your goals progress each month. This ensures continued success and optimal results!

Why Online Training?

Train at home or in your gym

Optimize your time.  Workout when you want!


Workouts designed for YOU and YOUR goals

Optional Nutrition Coaching

Workouts are for ALL abilities

High accountability! We check in with you!

Movement demo library.  No searching for videos!

Log your results.  Track your progress!

pricing is a-la-cart:
[A complete proposal will be built for you after our initial discussion]
Customized Coaching Starts at $170/mo
Personalized Coaching Starts at $400/mo
Personalized Nutrition Starts at $169/mo
In-Person Personal Training - $80/hr
Added Accountability - $80/hr
Things we'll need to know:
Your goals, your fitness experience (both good and bad), your schedule, desired amount of training, 
equipment available, past injuries, any limitations or obstacles, and why you want to train with us. 


Rob Olson

owner - Resolutefit


Rob grew up right here in Simsbury.  After graduating Avon Old Farms he attended Drexel University for three years.  He then decided a life of Biomedical Engineering was not for him, and he enlisted in the Navy to pursue his dream of being a Navy SEAL.  After six years as a SEAL, he got out and moved back home to Simsbury to open CrossFit Simsbury - Now ResoluteFIT.  He currently lives in town with his wife Denise and three kids, Blake, Fitzgerald, and Marabelle.  

Rob has been doing functional fitness for over 10 years and loves mixing powerlifting with endurance work.  He has a 525lb deadlift, 325 bench, and has completed Ironman Lake Placid 140.6 in 2017 and did his first Ultra Run in 2018 - North Face 50k in MA.  Most recently, he completed a 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, all injury free.