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Over 27 years, I gained about 5 to 6 lbs per year. I always told myself I’d lose weight tomorrow, or start next month or 'next year I’ll lose some weight'…well, I never found something that stuck with me. The weight kept ratcheting up. I know I cared because i didn’t like being in pictures since I looked so large next to everyone else, so there’s not many pictures of me to be honest. Exercise was non-existent in my life and I ate whatever I wanted.


In 2017 I reached over 340 lbs and was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. The medication to combat metabolic disease really made me feel awful, so the doctor said my choice was to lose weight or take the medicine. I figured the only way I was going to find motivation to exercise was to go back to Navy boot camp where some intimidating Frogmen would run us through intensive training at 2 AM. This thought process led me to Rob Olson and ResoluteFIT. I didn’t know what functional fitness was, but I knew it was intense and wasn’t sure I would last a week after my first workout. What I found was nothing like boot camp. I found a community of compassionate coaches and members who encourage everyone to push just a little harder everyday. I discovered nutrition planning and how to fuel myself and not just eat whatever is in front of me. After 33 weeks at RF and 22 weeks of nutrition coaching, I am down to 288 lbs, most of it lost in fat. I have reversed a steady slide into metabolic disease and am no longer classified as diabetic. I have developed a regimen of regular exercise, meal planning and increased my activity outside the box. It took me a long time to find my way here, but I am here to stay. The weight didn’t come on overnight and it will be a while before I fit into my old uniform, but I know it is possible. Keep pushing everyday, crush everything and keep smiling! - Billy


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