CFS teens lifting


Membership Options:

6 Week Sessions

Next Session Starts TBD

[Stay tuned for possible summer sessions]

This class meets 4 days per week.

Mon / Tue / Wed / Thur

6:30pm to 7:30pm

Must be 12 to 17 years old.

Program is capped at 10 athletes.

Cost: $379 per session ($16/class)

*Options to pay in full or split the payment*

General Policies

  • Please bring your child to class on time and arrive no later than 10 minutes after the end of class to pick them up. The lobby is the designated waiting area for pick up.

  • We welcome you to stay and watch your child’s class as much as you like. We have a viewing area in the lobby where you can watch class through the large window. Encouraging your child during their workout is appreciated. However, if you have any concerns about your child’s performance, behavior, or the content of the class, we politely ask you to address them before or after class. We want to make sure kids can keep their focus on coaching and safety during their workout.

  • We ask that all athletes come appropriately dressed for exercise. This includes soft-soled shoes that can be secured via laces or straps and shorts or pants that allow for free movement. Skirts and dresses are not optimal but will be allowed if shorts are worn underneath.

  • Electronics are not permitted in class. We ask that cell phones be silenced, and tablets powered off. Neither is to be used during water breaks. Please review the importance of this with your teen.

Our primary goal is to help your child improve their overall fitness in a way that is both safe, motivating, and fun. While we will encourage your child to challenge themselves in our classes, we will not permit our kids or teens to perform a skill, volume of work, or use a weight that we deem to be unsafe for their abilities on that day. Giving them too much of a challenge too quickly can be discouraging at best and
dangerous in excess. We want to help your child learn to love exercise (as we do!) and that starts with making sure that they have fun while they are here.


Q:  Is lifting weights safe for my teen?​​​​

A: Yes! Our Coaches are CrossFit Kids certified and are there to ensure safety at all times.  No athlete will lift anything if their form is not perfect nor too heavy. The goal of the program is two-fold: first and foremost, to teach proper form.  Second, to explore the world of weightlifting to get stronger and encourage athleticism!

Q: If my teen does the CrossFit classes, can they also do the lifting class?

A: These are seperate programs.  The lifting class is a closed program to the 10 athletes in it who pre-register. Dropping in is not an option. Lifting athletes may choose to attend Teen CrossFit class though if they wish, at the regular membership rates for that program.


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hear it from the parents

"My son joined the CrossFit Simsbury teen program about 2 years ago.  It has made him stronger and more confident in a safe and fun environment where proper form is stressed.  The program teaches him the correct techniques for lifting and moving that go beyond working out. It gives him a good foundation that he will have for the rest of his life.   He has learned that not everything is easy.  Goals often take hard work, patience and time to reach.  Best of all it gives him a sense of accomplishment. "

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